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Bowe Consulting Engineers is a consultant engineering firm offering structural, civil, environmental and health and safety services in Ireland with offices based in Carlow. We offer a flexible, enthusiastic and responsive service, tailored to the needs of our clients



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Structural Engineers are highly trained professionals who work with Architects and Surveyors to ensure that whatever we are building can sustain the loads and stresses it will have to bear.

At Bowe Consulting Engineers, we combine ingenuity with technical analysis to deliver exciting, efficient structures that go beyond expectations. Sophisticated and meticulous analysis of materials, methods, costs, risks and sustainability – working with BCE, you can achieve your vision without compromising on practicality and efficiency.

Our reputation with architects, contractors and specialists means we offer outstanding design solutions and outstanding value.


Employing sophisticated techniques to test buildings and their performance


Meticulous analysis of every detail, from materials and building methods to costs, risk and sustainability


Building in even the most demanding of settings


Temporary structures, art installations and iconic landmarks



At Bowe Consulting Engineers we aim to combine utility and aesthetics in our designs